Mission Statement

We, the members of Lakeview Baptist Church, believe the Bible, God’s own Word, to be the sole authority for our faith and practice. We recognize our Lord Jesus Christ to be the Head of this local church. Therefore, desiring to honor God and in obedience to the commands of our Lord, we see the local community as our Jerusalem, Montgomery as our Judea, Alabama as our Samaria, and the entire earth as our expanded mission field. In order to fulfill His commission, we – therefore – state the following articles to be our mission.
  • To exalt our Savior through worship, prayer, personal commitment, fellowship of the believers, use of our gifts, finances, and our resources in ministering to the needs of others.
  • To minister to all persons through preaching God’s Word, personal witnessing, and involvement in home and foreign missions.
  • To enrich our Christian discipleship through Bible Study, mission education, and training.