College & Career Ministry

We at Lakeview Baptist are excited and grateful for your interest in our College & Career Ministry. Our group is composed of young men and women between the ages of 18-24 who are either enrolled in college or already beginning their careers. We are a group of individuals growing in our understanding and faith. No one has all the answers, but we are learning together.
The College & Career Ministry of Lakeview Baptist Church exists to:
  • Provide current, relevant, and life-changing Bible Study for the modern young adult.
  • Establish an interactive church family for all of our students, whether they attend school locally or not.
  • Help our students make the transition from youth to single adulthood by giving them more ownership of and responsibility within the ministry.
  • Welcome any college-aged man or woman into the life of our church.
  • Help our community through outreach and service.
  • Seek to grow in our faith and show the love of Christ to those around us.