Lakeview Baptist Church: Welcome to Lakeview Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama
Monday, December 06, 2021

Student Ministry

Schedule of Activities
Sunday Bible Study, 9:30 am – Jr. High Class (grades 7-9) and Sr. High (grades 10-12) 
Wednesday Evening, 6:30 pm - Student Worship/Bible Study 

Ministry Opportunities
Lakeview Baptist Student are encouraged to participate in activities which will grow them spiritually and lead them to a life of service in the name of Jesus. Some of the ministry activities are as follows:
  • Student Missions Weekend is a WMU sponsored event which allows Student to experience missionary testimonies, great worship and missions service and simulations and is held in January.
  • Disciple Now (D-Now) is an opportunity to lay all other things aside for a Friday night and Saturday and allow God to speak through discipleship and worship, staying in the homes of church members who host guys groups and girls groups at different homes, yet come together for corporate worship. D-Now is usually held in February.
  • Team KID is a fun, recreation based club for kids on Wednesday night.  The Student ministry participates as leaders for the Kids who attend.
  • Judgment House is a Drama that allows teens to see how lives are affected by what is happening around them and how to stay focused on the one thing that matters, Jesus. 
  • Summer Retreat for Student Ministry (SRSM) is a retreat for all Students, Parents and Leaders who are involved in Student ministry in any capacity at Lakeview.